My confession of deepest anger….


CONFESSIONMy Confession: I get upset and angry when people have more love, respect, and admiration for a given master or saint than for their own selves. This reaction comes from a refusal to accept the ignorance that prevents people from seeing that everyone is just as divine as everyone else and that saints have gained sainthood not because of anything that makes them special more than the circumstances of the planets and aspects affording a great amount of devotion, discipline, dedication, and perhaps even affluence and familial status. 

I even get upset when people commend me for my work, because deep down inside I know as well that all the will power that I have is actually as well coming from my own circumstances of planetary alignment. I even feel upset when people tell me that I am special for the very rare “accomplishments” that I have “made” in my life… because I see the whole illusion of choice and will.

In fact I get upset when I see people regarding enlightenment as if it were some state that is attainable by only a special few who have been chosen, because enlightenment is here and now, and the only criteria it takes to be enlightened is to wake up from this ignorance that makes any one person see fundamentally more special than another.

Of course, on a superficial level we are all separated in the world of form. But when we look beyond this to the most absolute, complete, and true level of the self, we see that the only choice is the ONE choice that has put all of this charade en route. It is the ONE’S will power that has caused the division of the ONE self into fragments, each one as worthy of love and affection as each other.


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