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Do you think living by values and having integrity is a thing of the past?


My reply:

When actions are completely aligned with the cosmic will, the mind is able to transcend values and also has no more need for integrity. At this level the function of the mind is reduced to discernement between absolute truth and non-absolute truth. Pure consciousness is the result.


  • In dualistic spheres of consciousness there exists judgement.
  • Only in the consciousness of Union and Absolute Truth does non-judgement exist.
  • Unification occurs through detachment.

If one is receiving judgement, it indicates that he is circulating in a dualistic sphere of existence. In order to induce Union, one becomes aware of this judgement as being an indication of duality, one feels compassion for this duality, and one detaches from it.

In practice, observe the following dialogue:

1: Do you find that my actions are not in agreement with absolute truth and pure consciousness?

2: No (If the answer is “Yes,” then one then proceeds to analyze his own actions)

1: Is it your judgement that the resonance of my energy not in harmony with that of your sphere of consciousness?

2: Yes

1: (To himself) Then I detach myself from your sphere of consciousness and judgement that I am not in harmony with you, thus allowing my own consciousness to unify with energetic frequencies of a more universal nature.