How to Combat Corruption?


Daniel L. wrote:

Thank you dear pure soul ! I appreciated your speech of august on the divine principle a lot, because I feel myself strange these days. I spent a lot of times, these last for months, attempting to find children who have been taken, who have disappeared in France, without being discovered after, and I didn’t succeed finding them, because my psychic abilities are not still perfect and also because the police department is not able to investigate inside private houses without being planed by the judges. I have given to them some different places where children could be held, but they could not go into these places because the judge has not given to them the authorization. So, I stopped my research (using Google Earth with my energetic abilities) a few days ago. If you have an idea, an advice which could help me to find a new way of research, I’ll be very happy to hear or read about it.

Thank you very much.

Durgananda Saraswati wrote:

Dear Daniel,

so nice to hear from you. I completely understand your “frustration”. I have had similar frictions manifesting in different forms with my own projects. Hence my recent “silent break”….
We have now moved into a temple in Amritsar, and I am working on several projects here…
Including (but not limited to):
The book for ACE and Limitless Community, getting the 501c3 status so that we can receive grant funding for our activities, updating the websites and raising awareness about our missions and programs via our web presence, and we are currently in the middle of building 9 rooms upstairs here in the temple so that we can house groups here in India.
I am also working on my husband’s visa for the USA and planning a tour there for 2018 to strengthen our relationships with organizations and students.

As for your new way of research…. What I have understood in this past year is that the corruption runs much MUCH deeper than we are able to see while living in the west. Although we hear about it and are aware of it, it is much different than actually experiencing it first-hand. Therefore, I have understood that trying to combat these issues in a direct way is impossible.

In fact, everyone knows who is doing the corruptions, and the reason that they are not being caught is because it is the governments and leaders themselves that are involved in the corruption.
Bribes are happening at all levels, and where there is honesty there is typically not the power or authorization or money required to make a change.
In fact, the only way that I see to as a practical solution is to become strong enough in both manpower and wealth that we can build a sizable army to overthrow the current governments and offer bigger bribes to stop the corruption.

That is a grandiose idea indeed, and probably not realistic.

But assuming that there is an ounce of possibility that this could happen, as I mentioned before, I am trying to write the books, gather the students and members and affiliated organizations, and get the grant funding for our projects.

Plan B is simply to carry the torch that lights the path and be a sanctuary for those that are ready to exit the corrupt system…. and this we are doing as a natural and inherent quality of our existence.

Down the line when we have more funding for the research institute, we can fund projects that can provide supporting evidence for the reality of the existence of siddhis such as telepathy, remote viewing, etcetera.

Of course there are rumors that agencies such as DARPA and the CIA are already aware of and are using these capabilities, but working for them poses challenges such as compromising our end goal of peace (as they are reported to typically be using them for war and power over nations), as well as developing the trust that we would have the security clearance to be admitted to these projects.

On a final note, I have on several occasions thought about working with a company called Palantir as they appear to have the resources, the environment, and the ethic required to collaborate with us on our projects.
I have even been contacted by their recruiters twice for employment, but have not made it past the second phone interview on both occasions.

Perhaps after publishing my book(s) I will be able to open up a more concrete dialogue with them.
I urge you to check them out at
Palantir builds software that connects data, technologies, humans and environments.

Best, and again: great to hear from you. We are in this together.
With love,

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