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I have met a lot of charlatans. A lot of them. It seems that this was one of my biggest tests in life… Seeing them for what they were and deciding I wasn’t one of them.

The pure heart… Actions and words that don’t have hidden agendas… It sounds so simple and yet there are so few people that live up to the values they are selling….

ESPECIALLY in spiritual circles.

Selfless Service


Selfless service… How many of you can say you have ever truly experienced the act of giving with no selfish motive involved?Giving where your image, pocketbook, family, your sense of fulfilling your duty, or even your sense of doing what you think God wants you to do are not being promoted?
How many of you, in all honesty, can say that you know the vast and profound value that comes from authentic and pure selflessness?

I’ll bet it’s not very many of you. Yes, perhaps you have knowledge of it, but knowledge is not experience.

Though, I assure you–contrary to what the fears of the reason of the mind lead you to believe: it is that experience of acting with true abandon of the ego in response to the demands of the external world that brings one to a state of sublimity… serenity.