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Exorcisms and Demons

Exorcisms and Demons

Johnny: Some years ago, in Hollywood, I saw with my own eyes a man possessed by a demon. For a second that demon lost control over that man and the man looked me straight in the eye and begged for help. I’m just letting you know – that shit is real.

Me: I’ve seen it too

Johnny: I’d love to hear about that Alix 🙂

Me: Johnny… I’ve seen it several times with several people… as this is part of my “job” on this planet… helping lost people, guiding, etc… and part of this means that I do exorcisms, and it is one of the very unsavory yet rewarding aspects of my work…. Real true exorcisms take a LOT of time in most situations…. and sometimes its grip is so strong that it manifests as the person vocally expressing his experience as a bonafide demon having grips over him… such is the power, weight, and gravity of the darkness that steers his soul and every action