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Spirituality defined


sun in handsQuestion: Please define what is it “spiritual” or “conscious” person, what does it mean to be one.

Answer: The defining quality of spiritual consciousness is that through recognition and acceptance of the existence of limitations of perception–immediately recognizable by observing the relationship between one’s current comfort zone and current struggles–one gains increasing awareness of, and hence identification with, the spirit or causal body (anandamaya kosha)–distinguished from the physical body (anamaya kosha), the life force (pranamaya kosha), the mind (manomaya kosha), and the faculties of cognition (vijnanamaya kosha).

Identification of the ego with anandamaya kosha results in absorption in ananda, or supreme bliss, which is equivalent with enlightenment, illumination, and the realization of one’s true self.  ॐ




Sadhana is a blessing and an answer to the prayers of the aspirant for answers. It is not an act of cruelty of the guru to refuse to interact with the sadhak until the prescribed sadhana has been completed.

Sadhaks want immediate answers and results and to be lavished with the attention of their guru, but all of this is a distraction from the sadhak’s own self-realization and personal experience of uninterrupted bliss, radiance, samadhi and nirvana. The old adage is completely applicable in this case:

“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he’ll never go hungry again.”

There is no substitute for one’s own practice. Who do you think is living the fuller life? The adventure seekers on television or the ones that are watching them from a couch at home eating potato chips? The people living the game, or the ones at home playing video games? Sadhana bridges the gap between the experience of being an aspirant and the experience of being one’s own guru. That is the purpose of external living guru, only to guide the sadhak to his own light such that he no longer feels desire for the light of the guru.

Sadhana is different for each individual, and appropriate sadhana is to be assigned by a competent guru or teacher from whom the aspirant derives inspiration in his own journey.