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Are You a God(dess) or a Being of Ignorance? A quick guide to managing the responsibilities of Divine Life



We are all ascending… but “ascension” is (in fact) a misnomer, as the evolution of consciousness is quite a horizontal and planar affair, rather than one of climbing the ranks. Yes, the state of God(dess)-hood is possible to achieve by anyone and everyone at any time or place simply by *being* a God (or by imitating God through one’s actions). 

What does that entail? 

Unconditional Love. 

God is the One who cares for, teaches, and guides the beings whom are less knowledgeable and less experienced–naive and helpless in comparison. The Beings of Ignorance are those that become frustrated with other acts of ignorance, they choose to take the role of the victim and ask, “Why me?” of life when arriving in a situation of conflict. On the contrary, the Being of Godhood is composed even in the highest level of conflict, recognizing all the beings living in frustration and ignorance as His/Her child, and giving unconditional love. 

The person that says, “I have such a high level of consciousness and evolution, why do I keep encountering situations of struggle on all levels?” has failed to assimilate the true meaning of Consciousness. In fact, the closer the consciousness arrives to a state of Godhood, the more the individual will be able to manage increasing complex situations. He will attract the crazy, the poor, the toxic, the terminally ill, the delusional, the addicted, the lazy, and those that need all forms of healing, because HE is one of the few that has the light strong enough to light the way. 

The catch, though, for the one that is evolved is to remain in the role of the mother/father in these situations, and never enter into an emotionally engaged relationship as equals with the being of  ignorance. This does NOT mean refraining from having sexual activity, on the contrary. Sexual activity can be used as a highly effective form of therapy to channel, cleanse and activate energies in the body of the ignorant. However, it is very important for the enlightened being to be fully conscious as a priest/ess during these moments, never loosing self-consciousness, never engaging emotionally, mentally or spiritually, never absorbing energies, never investing in any idea of having a love-erotic relationship as equals with the being of ignorance, who is the devotee. 

It is important that the devotee has formally accepted the priest/ess as the guru, as well, so that the preist/ess is always acting in complete transparency, avoiding all cases of lying, seduction, or domination. It is necessary to communicate to the devotee that the relationship is one of guru-disciple, followed by which the disciple must accept before any therapies may commence. 

The disciple will always have two sides: one which displays qualities of an enlightened being and one which displays behaviors relative to the layers of programming, karmas and toxins. It is the responsibility of the priest to never engage with any behavior coming from the dark side, to only engage with the light side, and to constantly act in unconditional love in thought, speech and action. 

If the dark side is aggressive, delusional, judgmental, disrespectful or “nasty” in any way whatsoever…

NEVER be hurt or take it personally. 

This absence of emotion in situations of conflict is the biggest affirmation of One’s Godhood, and the more it is tested… well, the more it is tested…. Because the more the Godhood is affirmed, the higher the executive status, and the more complex are the challenges, wars, and “demons” that arise. 

In the Bible, God’s nemesis is no other than Lucifer, an angel with the power to create a universe of inferno of the same magnitude as God’s heaven….

If it doesn’t disappear in the Bible, it is not going to disappear for you either. So get back to work. 

Om tat sat.