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Judgement vs. Discernment, Unconditional Love, Ishwara Pranidhana


In a recent conversation between me and, lets call her Shakti:

ME: When you follow the flow of the universe there are no absolutes in life. If we can learn to 1st) understand our own ideals, 2nd) try to apply those ideals in the present moment to our own personal experience, releasing the attachment to those ideals when we make appropriate modifications and hence releasing guilt and discordance, and 3rd) accept that the universe is the result of a divine play of energy that we and our brothers and sisters are a part of and use as our playground, waiting for the wonderful surprises that await us…. well then there is no more room left for judgement: not of ourselves, and not of others….. it is through  living, breathing and spreading this message that  propagates harmony and peace in the world.

1)Awareness. 2)Detachment. 3)Compassion.

SHAKTI:  I agree with almost everything you said, Güsh – I do though perceive that there is a time and place for humans to judge each other…afterall we are only human, however I also perceive that part of being human is having compassion, so knowing that it’s in our nature to judge, the way to counteract harsh judgment in my own experience is to see past something we may just be making up in our minds (judgment is there to protect us, so in essence it has a purpose). Part of judgment is realizing that we have the potential to say/do/be all that we are judging in others…maybe we already have said/done/been those things so we can better empathize once we get to the core of what we are all made of: unconditional love!

ME: I’m all about the unconditional love!!!

SHAKTI: Oh I perceive that you do for sure, Güsh! (A great judgment that lead me to converse with you and that allowed us to connect at a higher level – of course even higher is in person!) 🙂 I just wanted to point my perception/experience, that it’s when I accepted that I judge people that I was able to find more unconditional love to give to those people and get past my judgments…being able to accept myself for being human also allows me to accept others for being human too!

ME: Yes, it is a wonderful moment in our lives when we become able to accept ourselves and others for being human.

Enhanced sensitivity to external stimuli is what provides us with an increasingly complete perception of ourselves and our Universe. (And the honing of this sensibility on the many spheres of existence–which can be briefly described as the triplet “Mind, Body, Spirit”– is one of the main arguments for refining our diet and our physique through physical fitness, as is one of the messages of our Chers RawBrahs.) But what to do with all of this perception?

It is in the moment that directly proceeds the perception of a situation that the real magic of existence can take place. It is in this moment that our dynamic universe and our Choice and Individual Will comes into play through our reactions…. I bring this up to make a point that there is a very subtle, yet extremely significant difference between the acts of Discernment (which takes place on a completely rational, and emotionally detached level) and of Judgement (which combines both cold rationality and the bias of personal opinion, feelings and emotions). It is our Will to Choose between taking an active role as one who discerns or one who judges, thus allowing us an active role in the history of the universe, which is otherwise predetermined by Greater Forces.

When we judge, the element of opinion in many cases can be completely in line with the Cosmic Will… but it may not, in which case we put our own selves in a situation to be judged by the Truths of the Universal Consciousness. The employ of pure discernment eliminates all “right or wrong” from a decision, and relieves us of all weight of going against the grain of the Powers that Be.

It may be that at the present moment the passion of our feelings overcomes the completeness of our own present knowledge/rationality/ability for pure discernment, and we may feel compelled to react through judgement. Of course! We are only human.

However, in the case that one desires to continually transmute judgement into discernment there is one very powerful and humbling exercise that one can perform, and that is to say:

“I don’t understand, Universe. I surrender to your Divine Guidance. Please aid me in dissolving my Ego so that I can attain the Grace that will allow me to see the path to being an instrument of your Ultimately Undisputed Will. I am your humble servant, O Mighty God. My heart is with you and shares your unconditional love for all created beings.”

SHAKTI: Güsh – I was merely trying to communicate more clearly what I was trying to convey. I am somewhat unclear of what you’re trying to get though. I perceive that you think it’s not ok to judge based on opinions and feelings, I am however ok with that and having judgment based on me. Judgments are just that and can be true and even false. So judge away. All I ask for is for some understanding…I also perceive that I may not always get it and that is ok…I accept even those who judge me. I am at peace with the way I handle my discernments and judgments. 🙂

ME: I was commenting in order to more clearly illustrate my message in the same manner that you were trying to more clearly communicate what you were trying to convey.  I completely respect your will to judge! We are all human and make this choice from time to time.

That being said, your perception that it is my thoughts or beliefs that “it is not ok to judge” is in fact not the reality, and so I will take this as a sign that I should continue to clarify my message:

I completely understand that judgement is one of the methodologies of the universe to advance situations from a stagnant state. There is no wrong or right about it; it is simply a reality and an effective form of decision-making at that…. Although, it may not be effective in the way that we wish:

I personally understood completely what you are trying to communicate, and agree that your message is most definitely one that touches the higher realms of existence. I appreciate completely your position, and the purity of your message. My input was only to bring into recognition the fact that the word “judgement” can very easily evoke feelings of *oppression* in one’s audience: In some situations we encounter people who more easily become *defensive* when they understand that they are being judged.

I feel that you have a great sense of understanding and a compassion for your fellow human, and I feel that essentially our message is one in the same. (In fact we are all trying to say the same thing, and are continually growing as individuals to be able to develop the tools to share this message.) As it is only my desire to share this message with a wider audience, I decided to throw the methodology of “discernment” in there in order to make the message more palatable to those who may in fact feel oppressed by and have a defensive reaction to judgement, causing them to thus reject the message entirely. Which is of course the opposite of what we want! 😉

Because of this, I decided to provide an alternate methodology of decision-making for “the case that one desires to continually transmute judgement into discernment.” This message was directed towards you because I am in direct conversation with you, but was in essence for the general audience, hence the use of the word “one”.

I apologize for the fact that my own lack of composure caused you to feel I was judging you.