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Communal Living (Part I) + Dharana + Blessing


communitiesCommunal living… where to begin?

Lets start with the here and now. I have moved into a community,more specifically a yoga ashram, in San Francisco. There are approximately 10 residents and up to about 3 overnight guests at any given time. People coming and going all day. This is not my first communal experience, though it is the first time roots have begun to take hold in such a situation.

The residents here are all unique characters with their own spice element to add flavor to the cauldron.

And finally, Yours Truly has a space to lay her head with a desk in eye sight that she has claimed as her own. So, as the smoke is clearing from the last war zone which This Avatar of Durga has reduced to rubble, the next battlefield is closer than the horizon… much closer. In fact, before full rest and recovery has been taken, there are dark clouds and demons hovering overhead.

Taking stillness, silence.

External events freeze in their elemental pattern and evolution comes to a halt. 

Events pass unnoticed. 

kingdomThis moment I am in love with the sight of fair hands tapping away at the keyboard, with the sun coming through the window
to the left, with the sounds of the soundtrack from John Waters’ “Cry Baby”, with my stillness, with my peace of mind.

My blessing to you all today is “Peace of Mind”. Stop right where you are: Now is the moment that you are still and all of the layers of opposing forces are shed. What remains is peace and stillness and love.You are yourself in full. Everything is laid at your feet for the assembly of the kingdom of your dreams, including the dynamic energy and time for that assembly. That project is the ecstatic joy of your existence, and it fills you with love unbounded to see your vision in fruition in the material realm. 

Just say YES. All of those propositions are opportunities to either further the creation of your kingdom, do your dharma, or expunge your karma. Just remain devoted to your highest ideal, and truth, and all will fall into place!!!

Hari Om. Tat Sat.