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Exorcisms and Demons

Exorcisms and Demons

Johnny: Some years ago, in Hollywood, I saw with my own eyes a man possessed by a demon. For a second that demon lost control over that man and the man looked me straight in the eye and begged for help. I’m just letting you know – that shit is real.

Me: I’ve seen it too

Johnny: I’d love to hear about that Alix 🙂

Me: Johnny… I’ve seen it several times with several people… as this is part of my “job” on this planet… helping lost people, guiding, etc… and part of this means that I do exorcisms, and it is one of the very unsavory yet rewarding aspects of my work…. Real true exorcisms take a LOT of time in most situations…. and sometimes its grip is so strong that it manifests as the person vocally expressing his experience as a bonafide demon having grips over him… such is the power, weight, and gravity of the darkness that steers his soul and every action

On Rehab for Addiction…


On Dec 20, 2016, at 2:48 PM, Gaurav wrote:

Hi Alix,

Need your advice on the following situation. My brother just came out of rehab after 2 months and is in search of spiritual guidance to understand future course of action in life. I think he is missing the aim in the life.

Can you please suggest what can help him in seeking this? Do you advise him to go for any course?

Your advice will be highly appreciable.



Dear Gaurav,

I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Unfortunately I have seen countless cases such as this one, and many of them people very very close to me.

What I can say to you is this:

Your brother must be READY for help. There is nothing that will make him transform, absolutely NOTHING, until he has made a firm decision within himself to change.

If he is open to change and enthusiastic about it, certainly my own course is an option. But this will only be suitable for him if he feels an affinity for the types of teachings that I offer, if he is inspired by me personally, and if he is moved by what I offer.

Aside from my own course, any of the energetic traditions of the world will help to transform his energy (Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism, Yoga, Tantra, or something as simple as weight training or kick boxing)… But in the end it comes down to his own WILL.

As you say that your brother is actively in search of spiritual guidance, this is a sign that he is in the process of transformation already. Please let him know about me, and if he would like we can set up a phone session or eventually an on-site course. It is hard for me to give any further advice without speaking to him personally…

Please let me know if you have any other questions. And I wish you the best of luck.

Best regards,