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How I got into science

How I got into science


On Oct 7, Alexis said the following:

Good to meet you. Appreciate so much being connected. I guess my first curiosity would be, how did you become interested in science specifically physics and computer science. This is also my interest.

Thanks 🙂


On Oct 26, Alix (Durgananda Saraswati) said the following:

Hi Alexis!

Thanks for being so patient.

I was basically brought into this world a scientist, and when I saw members of my family that were scientific professionals at a very young age (already 3 years old) I decided I wanted to be a physicist. I was also born with a very high spiritual inclination, and when it was time for university, I wanted to confirm my intuition by hard science so that I would have a firm support for the mysticism that came to me so effortlessly. Computer science itself is a very necessary compliment to any of the academic sciences in this day and age, and I was also attracted to it because of the “Matrix-style” AI culture that evolution is currently suggesting. I hope that shines some light on your questions, and I am happy to answer any more if you have any. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to check out the NGO I have been building the last 4 years Advancement of Civilization Effort. The site is ready for a big update when we can find the time or the help (would you like to help?!), and you can find it at