Unlocking the doors of your perception to the awareness of textures, images, and pathways that you never imagined exist

….so that you can influence the world more deliberately and effectively to replace the “I wish I could do that” with “I am doing that”.

Tantra has the potential of bringing to the aspirant more fulfillment in life than he ever dreamed possible. Tantra is a system that, if practiced with sincerity, can yeild results of the magnitude of opening up a dam after a major flood. However, opening up a dam after a flood is not advised because of the destruction that this would cause to the surroundings. In the same way, attaining the higher states and experiences of Tantra can lead to severe mental illness, depression, and even result in disease of the body if the aspriant is not properly prepared.

This is why it is necessary to approach Tantra cautiously such that the aspirant is prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to receive and channel this energy. Although it is possible for this to be done without contact with a Tantric expert, or guru, the conditions for this to be done safely and effectively are highly uncommon, and hence it is stongly advised for everyone to allow oneself to be open to receiving guidance if the situation presents itself. There are no coincidences in this universe of physical laws, and so if you have been guided to a guru, there is a reason for that, whether the interaction that you are to have is one of a few minutes or to be a mutual affinity of a life-time in which the roles of guru-disciple are constantly switching.

The interaction with a Tantric guru can be very rewarding if the aspirant comes freely, open-minded, and without expectations. Walking the path to liberation and to high levels of awareness and sensitivity is a journey of which the landscape is constantly changing as the aspirant walks his or her path, and it is the guru’s expertise to evaluate this path in times of transition and to give direction or redirection such that the aspirant stays on his or her desired path. Elements of the parts of the journey that are shared between the aspirant and the guru include:

  • Communication of worries, needs and desires to the guru (if you don’t have any of these, then you obviously do not need a guru!);
  • Communication of daily activities and habits to the guru;
  • Receiving instruction in practical methods from the guru;
  • Regular practice of sadhana, or individual practices, that the guru has designed specifically for the disciple;
  • Initiations and transmissions which may come in the form of physical touch, verbal instruction, letters, a glance, through meditation, or through sadhana;
What does Tantra mean?
What is the general concept of Tantra?
What are the roots of Tantra?
How does one expand one’s consciousness?
What does it mean to be divine?
What is a “guru”?
How does one become a Tantric priest/priestess?
What do the teachings entail?
I thought Tantra meant some kind of very erotic sex…
What about doing an exchange of Tantric massage?
What if I want to see you as a just friend?
What if I don’t have the money to do it?

IMG_0837What does Tantra mean?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that contains two syllables. Sanksrit words typically have several meanings and can be unfolded in many different way. Tan-tra can easily be translated as “expansion, liberation”. This refers to many things, most generally to to expansion and liberation of consciousness.

What is the general concept of Tantra?

The focus of tantra is on reaching the state of supreme consciousness, with absolute truth, with radiant beauty, and with bliss. This can also be expressed as communion with the divine.

What are the roots of Tantra?

Any system which is designed for the expansion of the consciousness into the supreme state is Tantra. Tantra exists around the world, but under different names. The South American Shamans are Tantrics, the Chinese Zen Buddhists, as well as the Taoists, are Tantrics as well. Traditional Indian Tantra is highly connected with Hinduism because of its cultural affiliation and development, although Tantra and Hinduism are not one in the same.

How does one expand one’s consciousness?

There are many techniques, but the most general is to transcend boundaries. But in order to transcend our boundaries, it is very useful to become aware of them and to understand their mechanism, how they are acting in our life, and why they are there. The techniques of Tantra are designed to discover our boundaries and limitations, understand them, and then transcend them, liberating us from our bondages and sufferings.

What does it mean to be divine?

In short, being devine implies converting the time spent being depressed, wishing, hoping, and writing lists into practical actions of creation.

What is a “guru”?

Guru literally means “the light which dispels darkness”. The purpose of the guru is to shine the light on the path of the disciple such that the disciple can find his way to his own light.

As well, guru is literally translated as “heavy”, and in this sense can be interpreted as an entity so massive that it creates gravitational attraction. Guru is a psychic magnet, or mandala, and draws in copious amounts of energy having the qualities that reflect his or her own state.

How does one become a Tantric priest/priestess?

There are no two priests/priestesses who’s foundation in Tantrism is the same. To become a Tantric guru, expert, or priest/priestess it means going through a series of initiations that can be different for each person. Those initiations can come through physical transmission from guru to disciple, through letters, through meditation, and other forms of personal experiences. If one is interested in taking this path, then it is highly advised to recieve guidance from an experienced tantric for the assignment of sadhana, or personal practices.

What do the teachings entail?

You will receive certain instructions, practices, and suggestions that are suitable to your own growth. If you do not follow these practices, or sadhana, then, you cannot blame your guru but only your self for not achieving the results.

Furthermore, Tantric initiation, although it may be highly sensual and nature, is professional and systematic and is to be treated with respect and reverence for that fact.

I thought Tantra meant some kind of very erotic sex…

Actually, no, not at all. Tantra utilizes many techniques to attain communion with the divine. Many of them are practiced by an individual aspirant. Some of them are practiced in a group, and some of them in a couples situation.

When Tantra is practiced in a couple, there is one practice called “Maithuna” in which there is communion with the divine of both parties in the couple, as well as between the couple, forming a closed triangle between the three parties. As such, for obtaining these states there are suggested practices that are given in some of the ancient texts. Some of these practices are intended to bring pleasure to your partner as a sign of devotion in the form of actions and offerings. The Kama Sutra is one of the main texts that provides such information…. But this is not Tantra as a whole, but only one very small aspect of it.

What about doing an exchange of Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a practice that is done from a guru to a disciple. Although it is possible for both people in a partnership to accept their partner as their guru at the same time, this form of relationship is only realized by two people who have already achieved relatively similar degrees of advancement in their respective paths. Hence, in the majority of situations, there will be one person that acts primarily as guru, and the other as disciple.

Tantric massage is a form of initiation as well as a form of treatment. Therefore, unless one is an expert at working with subtle forms of energy and is able to remove blockages and move energy in the causal and pranic bodies, then it is very unlikely that one’s guru will be able to receive Tantric massage from his disciple. Eventually, this may be possible, but it is necessary to become an adept first.

Learning the Art of Tantrism and Tantric massage is a formation that can take years of regular practice of a serious spiritual aspirant. By receiving Tantric massage from a competent guru as well as through guidance and other forms of initiations one gains the tools and the knowledge of practical application to become a Tantric guru oneself. Finally, having assumed the role of Tantric guru it is at this moment that one is able to experience maithuna, or the “cosmic orgasm”, with another Tantric guru of similar level.

And just if I want to see my guru as a friend?

The life of a tantric guru is dedicated completely, wholly and fully to Tantrism. This implies that every interaction, including friendships, in which the guru engages is of a Tantric nature. In this way, there are no real difference between disciples and friends, as the interactions in themselves make up a web, a community, a Tantric family, a Kula.

As earlier described, Tantra is concerned with the expansion and liberation of consciousness into states which are widely considered esoteric and accessible by only a handful of individuals or interest groups. As expected, a tantric guru has already considerably expanded his own consciousness in a number of ways which are highly uncommon, and as such there are very few people who are able to transmit to the guru a Tantric experience. This means that in most situations the people with whom the guru engages are receiving a transmission from the guru and not the other way around.

Alas, if one is interested in sharing and a mutual Tantric experience with one’s guru, then it is advised to follow the instructions with devotion and dedication of the guru, so that one goes through training necessary to be able to do so.

And what if I don’t have the money to do it?

If you have a deep inclination towards walking this path, and it is your path, then you will have the means to be able to walk that path… sometimes even as if by magic. Of course walking one path or another is a choice. For example, one can choose to buy wine, cigarettes and go to the movies, or one can choose to invest in increased sensibility, sensitivity, well-being, since of peace, and progressing towards nirvana. It Is a choice.

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