Love. Just love.

Love. Just love.

After posting a series of 3 photos of myself on facebook I got a comment from one woman:

Alix, What R U doing? Do U have a need for recognition, approval, validation that you are beautiful? I do not understand ur self-posts…..?? Sister to Sister, my love!

Followed by her posting on my wall:

You DO UNDERSTAND that you are beautiful and voluptuous, right?!



My response:

In true humility we completely leave behind the expectation for recognition (though, it is completely valid to have the understanding that recognition may ensue)… and that is not to say that if we do get positive recognition that we should be ungrateful. It also does not mean that we should hide our talents and attributes away so that they become dusty and their utility obsolete.

Allow yourself to thrive and blossom. Do not hide away your greatness from the world because of the fear that you might be judged for daring to reveal your beauty. You will do more good for the world if you contribute your greatness than if you hold it back so as not to offend the few that will mislabel you as an attention-seeker.

Be authentic. Love yourself. Love others. Be kind and compassionate. These are the only truths that matter.


How I got into science

How I got into science


On Oct 7, Alexis said the following:

Good to meet you. Appreciate so much being connected. I guess my first curiosity would be, how did you become interested in science specifically physics and computer science. This is also my interest.

Thanks 🙂


On Oct 26, Alix (Durgananda Saraswati) said the following:

Hi Alexis!

Thanks for being so patient.

I was basically brought into this world a scientist, and when I saw members of my family that were scientific professionals at a very young age (already 3 years old) I decided I wanted to be a physicist. I was also born with a very high spiritual inclination, and when it was time for university, I wanted to confirm my intuition by hard science so that I would have a firm support for the mysticism that came to me so effortlessly. Computer science itself is a very necessary compliment to any of the academic sciences in this day and age, and I was also attracted to it because of the “Matrix-style” AI culture that evolution is currently suggesting. I hope that shines some light on your questions, and I am happy to answer any more if you have any. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to check out the NGO I have been building the last 4 years Advancement of Civilization Effort. The site is ready for a big update when we can find the time or the help (would you like to help?!), and you can find it at



Healthy Ego

Healthy Ego

Ego can be very healthy. As a matter of fact without ego we disappear. We become a shell with no personality, perspective or even language to respond. 

I have an ego, yes. I am fully aware of that…(1) See bottom.

Most of the ego that I have is healthy, and I am actively working on the parts that arrived into my consciousness without full awareness to shine light on them. 

In a partnership of any sort-be it friendship, romantic, business or family-I expect above anything else support of the ego that I have consciously built. This ego is my identity, my projects, my mission and my livelihood, and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that it is firmly aligned with my most cherished principals. 

I ask my partners to be aware that it is unsolicited and certainly unwanted for them to put my ego in a fragile position by questioning my motives or value system. Any attempt to do so is serving only to detract from my true purpose, drain my energy, and render my effectiveness in the realization of my vision weaker. 

Be assured that I am happy and comfortable with the state of my ego, what drives my actions, and I am at peace knowing that my actions are aligned with my highest purpose of spreading awareness and self-realization. If I would like help with evaluating any portion of my identity I will ask. 

As well, I am also at peace with my communication style and am confident that I am a good listener, compassionate and empathetic, able to understand what the person in front of me is saying, and able to directly assimilate what is being understood. 

I form a complete connection to the divine self of all persons with whom I interact. Any disconnection that is felt on the part of the other person is a direct result of a disconnection from his or her divine self. A sense of disconnection from me is an illusion created by the disconnection from self, nothing more, nothing less. 

Any perception of argument or discord taking place is none other than a perception of internal turmoil and disorder, as I reflect these qualities back and do not absorb them in my own being. Any attempt to ask me to assimilate conflict into my being in any form is directly reflected. I retreat into the safe and peaceful abode that is my divine state, I radiate light (truth and compassion) so strongly that it forms a reflective wall, a mirror. 

I am connected to truth, unconditional love and non-fear thoroughly and completely. These are the qualities of the highest and purest form of self. 

I invite all who wish to connect with me in the physical plane to meet me by addressing my divine self with his or her divine self. I ask of them to connect with truth, unconditional love and non-fear in full awareness. 

These are expectations that I have for all of my interactions, for all of my relationships. I accept this and only this from this day forth, as the option for me to leave my divine state in order to meet someone else on a lower plane for whatever reason has now been dissolved. 

Let this be my solemn vow. 

Hari Om Tat Sat. 

(1)I have an ego, yes. I am fully aware of that. As a matter of fact I went through the process of completely erasing my ego to the point that I had no language, no ability to speak. I was more or less in isolation for several months at this time, and then I slowly over months began to reintroduce myself to the world. 

I did this reintroduction with a very high level of awareness and I am very conscious of the ego that I have at this moment because I was highly conscious of the pieces of ego that I added to my tabula rasa when I reconstructed my mind. I know where there are parts of ego that are unsavory as well as those that are healthy.