Right & Wrong in the Kali Yuga

Right & Wrong in the Kali Yuga

I wrote on my facebook page:

Sex, masturbation and even pornography are not wrong or dirty. What is wrong is to regard another being with less respect than yourself.

One comment from Narsee:

Could’nt understand. What are mentioned as ” not wrong” is individual opinion in this kaliyug , a world of Maayai (illusion) but if we are thinking of Kundalini
awakaning /self realisation etc etc. in the form of spiritualism, we have to overcome ” these” or instead of spiritualism lets call it as “Spirtlovism “

My reply:

It is not necessary to stop these actions in order to attain Kundalini awakening or self-realization Narsee… It is however necessary to have control over your energy, be able to harness it, to not be addicted, etc.

First I wrote “dirty” instead of “wrong”… and yes, “wrong” is a concept that is below that of cosmic consciousness… however we are speaking on a different level here than that at this moment.

And yes, this is a feature of the Kali Yuga, that several people that look like they are “good” are actually “bad”… or the quality of corruption. It is on this cosmic level that we can forget about “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, but when we are in our Earthly bodies and we are acting in the world, we choose a value system.

Many people abuse their tantric powers in this way and make others slaves.

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