Tantra, sex, & Kundalini



Namaste Guruji… In tantra what is need of having sex with various pairs. In our culture it is not at all permitted.
Kundalini energy is related to tantra?


There is no need necessarily for having sex with various pairs. That is an individual choice. Any guru that tells you that you MUST have sex with various people is not a true guru.
Tantra is about expansion of consciousness.
Some people feel that their consciousness is expanded by having sexual relationships with several people….
In higher levels of consciousness we are able to realize that we are all part of the same consciousness and that “We Are All One.” In that spirit some people decide to share sexual relationship in order to achieve this state of connection with the divine while in a couple or group.
Kundalini energy is related to Tantra, yes.
Very closely related.
However, we can cultivate Kundalini energy and have Kundalini experiences without fully practicing tantra.
There are many experiences in Tantra, and they happen when several different aspects of life are active. Kundalini energy is one of these aspects.

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