Desire to Watch Pornography vs. Devotion to Higher Purpose

Desire to Watch Pornography vs. Devotion to Higher Purpose

Question from Kamaljeet:

Hi Ma’am i am a Sikh and also a devotee of universal mother maa durga. please forgive if my English is not good, but i m trying. mam i have my true faith, gratitude and love from my bottom of heart for my guru and my mother durga. But i m struggling with a kind of problem.on one side i love my guru and my mother durga but in other side i watches pornographic pictures. I m totally confused i dont know how i can deal with both of them in my life,which are totally two different poles of life. I can’t ignore my body’s passion it is infested in me by my god.on other side i can’t ignore my mother kaali or durga or my guru who tells me to watch every women or girl in the form of kaali or durga. then how can i think about any girl or women sexually. I m facing two absolutely opposite problems in one time. I tried many a time earlier not to watch sexuality explict materials and only to follow mother kaali but after some time the body passion in me ,pressuring me to watch those materials again and again. please mam dont take me negative i know it is not right to take suggestions from a women but i m stressed and i m not finding any solution for it.please mam suggest me help me




Hello Kamaljeet.

This is a wonderful question, and I am so happy that you have written me.I appreciate the courage with which you have contacted me with this issue. Many people have the same question as you and do not have the courage to ask. So thank you.

 Yes, you are experiencing a duality of mind. There is a very systematic way to overcome this. As I am not sure of your current state of body, it is hard for me to direct you over chat. I can suggest jyoti tratak if you are able to sit comfortably for 10 minutes.

If you are very serious about overcoming this affliction, I strongly suggest booking a Karmic Dissolution Package with me. You can do so by following this link.

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