Love. Just love.

Love. Just love.

After posting a series of 3 photos of myself on facebook I got a comment from one woman:

Alix, What R U doing? Do U have a need for recognition, approval, validation that you are beautiful? I do not understand ur self-posts…..?? Sister to Sister, my love!

Followed by her posting on my wall:

You DO UNDERSTAND that you are beautiful and voluptuous, right?!



My response:

In true humility we completely leave behind the expectation for recognition (though, it is completely valid to have the understanding that recognition may ensue)… and that is not to say that if we do get positive recognition that we should be ungrateful. It also does not mean that we should hide our talents and attributes away so that they become dusty and their utility obsolete.

Allow yourself to thrive and blossom. Do not hide away your greatness from the world because of the fear that you might be judged for daring to reveal your beauty. You will do more good for the world if you contribute your greatness than if you hold it back so as not to offend the few that will mislabel you as an attention-seeker.

Be authentic. Love yourself. Love others. Be kind and compassionate. These are the only truths that matter.


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