Closing doors


Imagine all of the obstacles have been franchised which prevent you from your vision of a perfect life. Create a vision of your perfect life. Either a list or a drawing or both.
-Where do you live
-What does your home look like: colors, sizes, shapes, nature, city
-What activities do you participate in on a daily basis
-What does your partner look like
-Do you have children?
-What do you eat?
-What do you create?

Make a list of
-all the people in your daily life
-daily activites
-jobs, obligations, commitments
-food habits and rituals
-activity level (exercise or couch potato)

Rate these things according to their sentimental reaction within you:
0 Bad feeings
5 Neutral
10 Great

Closing doors meditation on all activities that are under 4

Homework (Practical exercise):
Taking definitive action to end activities scoring 2 or less
-Deleting/blocking contacts
-Quitting job
-Stopping activities (can use hypnotism to strengthen will power in the case of addiction)

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