New moon energy – Reflections – Why are we here?


new_moonWhat is it that we all want? “We” intending to mean scintillant, conscious beings, animate or inanimate. What is that underlying, ever-present, unchanging quality that drives us evolve and even make simple actions?

It is not love. It is not success and recognition. It is not peace and tranquility.

Although we are certainly motivated by these states, they vary in degree of influence over time, and sometimes are in complete eclipse. So what is it?

Sensation. Experience. Being a vessel that can receive energy in all of its myriad forms and non-forms, as well as be stimulated by it, be able to assimilate it, interpret it, and reflect on it, and then express it through action.

In this respect it is interesting to consider how much of our experience is lived with the focus on a small computer screen, or an even smaller phone. As well, it is also interesting to note that by accessing our brain at about 90% or above we begin to have cosmic experiences of our body encompassing all of the traits of a deity or of the entire universe. The cosmic orgasm.

I sometimes find that much of my personal experience takes place through my fingertips as they tap along at the keyboard of my laptop, which has a broken screen. I spend so much of my time disseminating information through virtual means, and at some times I begin to feel that I am really in union with the virtual aspect of my being.

But what is virtual? It is commonly understood in situations such as this as as those interactions that take place through an organism, or, better, a machine, which is synthetic and external to our organic body. But what if there is a shift in consciousness such that I understand my computer–and the World Wide Web and all of the communication networks and all of the applications through which I express what I am living–as not only an extension of my body, but a part of my body in itself?

This computer is my body part. This apartment as well. This Starbucks. This city. This women’s circle. This food. This education. This is all part of Me.

My body is my temple, and my temple is my body. The organic body that is born through a vagina is only the mothership of that body through which that experience takes place. It is the central nervous system that gives us that perspective. And all of our actions in life, all of our motivations come from an expansion of that consciousness so that the body, the “I”-principal, becomes bigger and more experienced, more cultured, more, more, more.

If fact, in this universe made of of 96% of dark energy–which is the constituant of the universe that ensures that we are in expansion–it seems that it is by default that we want to hoard as individuals, to have more and more and more. Though, as  the hoarding quality is forgotten,  two bodies are able to merge to form One, and that consciousness can become bigger still.

So hoarding, competition, possession, and greed…. these are all, in essence, contrary to the idea of really experiencing the true power of one-ness. There is a difference between sharing two central nervous systems in a symbiotic relationship and one CNS in effect parasiting and enslaving the other. A parasite can never experience the beauty of ever truly owning the other consciousness, because the usage of the other is taken by force and there is resistance. But when there is sharing, both parties experience having a larger body. There is more sensation. There is more flow.

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