Advancing civilization goes against yogic principals?



I am building a non-profit organization with the aim of bringing people to their divine states, to self-realization. It is called Advancement of Civilization Effort. Someone found this site the other day, and then contacted me. One of the questions that he asked:

If yoga is about transcending desire, then is it compatible with “advancing civilization”, which is arguably all about desire?

I responded:

Well, in fact advancement of civilization happens quite naturally…. in the same way that time does.
We are all born with a dharma, a function, a program, a role… we each have our position to play in that divine comedy.
Every action that we take, every eyelash that falls to the ground is advancing civilization.
As well, “transcending desire” does not mean to stop acting, or to stop changing and evolving things…. quite the contrary… it means to not be inhibited in our divine creations because of some attachment, some addiction, to something that distracts our attention and ability to create and manifest our dreams away from being limitless. 
….And ACE is about advancing to a state at which we realize this exact thing… to be able to act spontaneously in alignment with our divine nature, without the blockages of desire and attachment. 
The type of “desire” that we want to transcend are those things that leave us with feelings of separation from our divine selves…. transcending attachments that make us feel like we are not good enough, like our life can me more perfect than it is.
Everything is perfect…. and this is the state of mind that is meant by “advancement of civilization”; bringing people out of a state of suffering.
If there is some effort in life that causes feelings of happiness and liberation, then there is no problem with the “desire” or the “inspiration” to perform that effort…. because the ultimate goal is not to transcend anything but our sufferings so that we can live a life of bliss, contentment and sharing.

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