Karma Yoga


I recently set up a series of open air classes called “Yoga for All”, the main principal being to make yoga accessible to all people, and to bring people together in a similar style to “Yoga to the People” of the United States. I invited several yoga teachers to join me, and I received the following question/concern:

Nice idea. I really like the notion of accessible yoga, but I just wonder if these classes will attract people who are stingy, rather than people who genuinely can’t afford a regular class. What is your experience of this? I’m not averse to working cheap, or free, but don’t like to be taken advantage of. What are your thoughts??x

My response:

Yes, I understand your concern.karma_yoga

What I basically do, myself, is to have several different activities to support my lifestyle. As well, I personally feel that the stingy people are among those most in need of yoga, and can benefit the most from my style of class, which is one reason why I am enthusiastic about connecting and sharing with them, as I am with all. To me, such an event is a golden opportunity to illustrate beautiful truths to them through our shared practice that will open their hearts and inspire non-greed.

Furthermore, one of the 4 main branches of yoga is “Karma Yoga”, which is commonly miscommunicated as being repetitive work that cleans up your karma, or unselfish action. In fact, the real essence of Karma Yoga appears when one becomes unconscious of the fact that the present action leads to some future end, containing the fruit of ones actions. The real essence of karma yoga lies in performing all activities in a manner which is so engrossed in the relishing of the present moment that the result is a life in which the burden of the calculating mind is lost in blissful rapture.

Hence, a very significant part of my philosophy is spontaneous existence without expecting anything in return. Of course, the universe works on the principal of action-reaction, and so whatever we give we get back in some form or another.

If we give love, we get back love. If we give peace, it is this that we receive in return. If we give in abundance without boundaries, it is that with which we are blessed.

There is one caveat though… and that is that the giving of these things be truly heartfelt, and not being done out of a feeling of obligation. The same principle of action-reaction is true in this case. If we give out of a sense of obligation, then we will live out a portion of our lives feeling as if we are slaves to a system of obligations. Though, we are all FREE!

The universe works in mysterious ways, and I am no longer worried about receiving little colored paper notes which are quite an inaccurate measure of my value/worth as well as of the rich life that I live. However, these bills are certainly of value in certain spheres of existence, and I use them quite often…. But it is only one form in which I receive from the universe!

In fact, I feel grateful very VERY often for all of the material objects and food and other tangible items that come my way without any exchange of paper notes!

May your cornucopia overfloweth with the manifestation of your dreams!

❤ Alix

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