The Key to Self-Realization



The external world is a reflection of oneself. And that self is a reflection of the higher divine self. 

Awareness of the divinity in all external stimulus increases awareness of divinity of oneself. 





I greet the God in you. Remember that? I salute that part of you that is a manifestation of the highest vision of perfection, in all of its splendor. 

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  1. Life is already perfect.
    This mundane world, the physical plane, is the ultimate spiritual arena.
    Heaven is here, but we don’t see it.
    Heaven is here, but we’re somewhere else.
    Right here, right now, this is enlightenment, it’s just not what you expected; it’s not how you thought it would be.
    The experience is itself enlightenment.
    The ordinary is miraculous.
    Enlightenment is ordinary consciousness.
    It’s okay now.
    The negative is okay; your attitude needs some work.

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