Worship is Slavery?

PRAY_3392-devotionQuestion: I don’t get one thing though, why do people in general focus their devotion on Gods rather than the message/assistance. Did Gods give us these mantras and other teachings only to worship them back. I don’t vouch for slavery, sorry Shiv and Gayatri, I love you but I don’t have you in my mind all the time. I am a free child, I may use your righteous mantras to channel constructive energy within and around me but don’t oblige me to be pretentious mystic.

 Response: These “Gods” are in fact primordial energies which are characterized by their sound waves as their most subtle manifestation. At the beginning of the universe everything was static-a big pool of energy that was full of potential, but had no movement. The first existence was sound. Primordial sounds waves are the first manifestation of your “Gods”…. they are what in physics is called “perturbations”. These perturbations have led to the world that appears before your eyes today. 

When people focus their devotion on a figure of a deity, it might seem misguided to you, but everyone has their own path, winding though it may be, to the same Union. Each individual being a unique manifestation of pure consciousness, he will find resonance with the Big Message in a completely unique manner; though superficially it may seem as though people have exactly the same perspective of the universe, this is an illusion. 

And so, these primordial energies never said “Worship me and be my slave or else you will suffer consequences.” Rather, it turns out that if we chant these sounds in the proper manner, we begin to harmonize our being with the “God”. Hence we adopt the qualities which the God has. The qualities were realized before written history (that we are aware of) by highly advanced rishis. 

“Durga for instance is broken down into “du-r-ga”. The syllable “du” is synonymous with the 4 devils of poverty, sufferings, famine, and evil habits. The “r” refers to diseases and the “ga” is the destroyer of sins, injustice, irreligion, cruelty and laziness. And so by chanting Durga mantras we harmonize our own existence with the energies which are combating suffering in all of its forms. 

The misconception is to believe that one is a slave to anything. You are born freedom, and that freedom grows exponentially with your devotion to Absolute Truth and Pure Consciousness, which is also known as “Shiva”. Shiva is only the manifested consciousness of the Universe, and hence all physical laws, mystical occurrences, the known, and the unknow, the form and the formless. Surrender to Shiva means surrender to the expansion of your consciousness to liberation, bliss, and peace. 

Om Tat Sat.

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