The Road to Kailasa


Kailasa Mountain – Home of Shiva & Shakti

Plans for the future do not always pan out. Having constant devotion to some higher goal, idea, or consciousness, however, will never fail to be the guiding light when everything seems to *not* be going according to the schematic.

As we get closer and closer to the realization of that higher principal in life, the road that once seemed straight and requiring nothing more than a quotidien level of effort begins to reveal that it turns into a winding path, a labyrinth of dangerous crevasses, sometimes surprising us with sharp turns of 180°, mounting up into rigid peaks where wielding newly discovered tools such as the proverbial pick-axe and crampons are the only chance for reaching the peak. It is in these moments when the unexpected can be expected.

There will certainly arrive a point at which it may be necessary to backtrack an entire leg of the trip to be able to climb up a more accessible slope. It might just be that since the last time someone went up that path a boulder has fallen in the way, or an avalanche has rendered the path unsurmountable.  But this is not a cue to loose hope, but rather to take advantage of the view that can be obtained from that side of the mountain, and then to remember our final goal, that to which we are completely devoted. Sure enough, another way will present itself.

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