WARNING!: Knowing The Enemy


Know the source of the Enemy on Earth and also in the Transcendental Realm.

Their techniques are based in Deception and are used for the acquisition of siddhis (psychic powers) and other forms of control. If presented with the opportunity to know these techniques, they are to be avoided like the plague as the human race is not immune to corruption.

WARNING! These techniques are employed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

If one has found oneself angry at or discomforted by politics, religion, or any other method of control, this anger is a sign that deception is working! This discomfort acts as a subtle parasite which sucks out the energy from one’s being and results in the weakening of one’s innate vital force. In order to counter this subtle attack, practice awareness, detachment, and compassion IN THAT ORDER. One’s force will begin to strengthen and one’s status as a warrior will be upgraded. 

If it is one’s swadharma (current individual role in live) to embark on this path that leads to knowledge of these techniques, even if the reasoning is based in the desire to strengthen one’s ability to overcome through the triumph of Good over Evil (which takes place through awareness, detachment and compassion), in this case one should seek a trusted person whose wisdom surpasses one’s own for guidance. This person can be of any nature; this is one’s Guru.

If the Universe is already presenting one with much knowledge without one’s asking for it, for example through amazing synchronicities, then this is the sign that it is time to make contact with one’s Guru. Taking steps down the famed path of The Razor’s Edge has already begun, but the path continues and gets more narrow and more winding as one ventures deeper into the forest. There is however an end to that path. That end is Pure Consciousness.

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