Meditation for the Day (Removing Obstacles)

  1. Make a quick list  in your head of (lets say 10) things for which you are grateful in your life.
  2. Now make another quick list in your head of (lets say 5) things which are undesirable in your life.
  3. Meditation Part 1 (Dharana): Now go back over the first list and try to find the root of your identification of these things for which you are grateful. How many of them stem from Ego?
  4. Meditation Part 2 (Dhyana) : Now go back to the second list and perform the same task. This will probably prove to be much more difficult. It may prove that the items in the first and second list are intimately connected. This part of the meditation will be facilitated by the object of meditation taking the form of the following thought:

    This discomfort in my life is a surely a result of my attachment to Ego. I surrender myself to this concept in the attempt at identifying the source of my discomfort.

  5. Samadhi: The identification of the source of discomfort will result in spontaneous one-pointedness on the situation which will eventually lead to dissolution of the Ego with respect to this situation and will remove all obstacles in life which have created this undesirable situation.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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